SyncScript - Non-Blocking Synchronous JS

Explore SyncScript from the GitHub repository here: What is Synchronous Code? When coding in JavaScript it is very common to see code with callbacks. This allows a process to go off, do something lengthy or time consuming and then callback when complete. doSomethingLengthy(function (a… »

Reachability in Apple iOS 7 & 8

Detecting Online / Offline Status Almost every app you develop for Apple's iOS will need a way to detect if it has an internet connection or not. Using the Reachability class you can ask to be informed when the status of the internet connection changes, as well as what the status… »

New ForerunnerDB Website Now Live

Irrelon has been hard at work on ForerunnerDB and it's now ready for the world to play with. We've put together a lovely site with an interactive demo right there on the page so you can see just how cool a web-based database can be! ForerunnerDB supports data-binding for realtime… »

Browserify vs Require.js

In the world of web and server-side JavaScript development there is a need to be able to modularise your code and include it where it's needed without any fuss. Up 'till now I've been using requirejs for modules but due to the pain it causes in development (and later deployment… »

Require.js Made Easy

Require.js is a module loader / dependency handler that allows you to easily define code modules that will only execute once their dependencies exist. The require site and documentation can be a tad confusing / overcomplex for a new user so I wanted to write a quick tutorial to make require… »

Box2d Collisions Made Easy (With Isogenic Engine)

Isogenic Engine's box2d component got a boost today by making it really super easy to handle collisions between entities. Say you have your player entity: var player = new IgeEntityBox2d() .id('player'); You have some enemies too: var enemy = new IgeEntityBox2d() .id('enemy1') .category('enemy'); You need to know when an… »