ZWay UZB Installation on Debian x64 Hardware

I have run my own zwave server for some time using Node.js to communicate directly with a controller dongle. Recently I purchased a ZWay UZB stick so that I could focus on writing applications instead of driver layer software for zwave. I had ZWay working fine on an older… »

SnagBook - Snagging Made Easy

Have you recently purchased a new-build home only to find like many others that it also comes with a bunch of defects, overlooked issues, rushed or sloppy work or even worse - structural build errors? If you're anything like me, keeping track of every little snag with your new home… »

Orbzu Trading Platform

Irrelon's main commercial project "Orbzu" is now nearing completion with over 9 months of hardcore development time, it is dwarfed by the 4 years Isogenic Engine took to develop but is still a magnificent feat of engineering none-the-less. What Is It? Orbzu is a geo-location-based trading platform that allows users… »

NPM Publish Development Branch / Beta Code

If you want to publish a version of your module under a tag other than latest (which is what is used by default), then simply include the --tag option when publishing with the name of the tag you wish to use. For example if you want to publish with the… »

SyncScript - Non-Blocking Synchronous JS

Explore SyncScript from the GitHub repository here: What is Synchronous Code? When coding in JavaScript it is very common to see code with callbacks. This allows a process to go off, do something lengthy or time consuming and then callback when complete. doSomethingLengthy(function (a… »

Reachability in Apple iOS 7 & 8

Detecting Online / Offline Status Almost every app you develop for Apple's iOS will need a way to detect if it has an internet connection or not. Using the Reachability class you can ask to be informed when the status of the internet connection changes, as well as what the status… »